These are the organizations where I engage myself ad honorem:

Since 01.2010    Center for Corporate Citizenship e.V.

The Center for Corporate Citizenship e.V. is a research platform for people willing to understand better the relationships between business in society. My engagement in this institution includes researching and writing on several topics related to corporate citizenship, corporate social responsibility, public-private partnerships, social innovation, etc. For a sample of my work visit my publications and take a look at my articles published in the Stakeholders magazine.


Since 01.2008    International Observatory Card. van Thuân for the Social Doctrine of the Church

The International Observatory Card. van Thuân was created for the international promotion of the Social Doctrine of the Church. It provides reasoned information about the Church’s social doctrine. My engagement in this institution includes my participation in the editorial board of the Bulletin for the Social Doctrine of the Church, eventual collaborations for  the  Report on the Social Doctrine of the Church, support in the internationalization of the centre in Latin America and some translations of text for the website.


11.2006 – 12.2008  Center for Catholic Studies

The Center for Catholic Studies is a cultural platform aimed to be a place for reflection and study through the sharing of knowledge. It center its efforts in the promotion of a catholic worldview and its practicability in all the different roles that a person develops. My engagement at the Center for Catholic Studies was the foundation and leadership of a study group on social responsibility, we studied the relations between the corporate social responsibility movement and the Catholic Social Thought, we organized diverse activities like  conferences and a film series.


04.2006 – 07.2006  Student Network for Ethics in Economics and Practice (sneep)

The Student Network for Ethics in Economics and Practice (sneep) is a german network of students and young professionals aimed to promote economic ethics, business ethics and sustainability in managerial and academic environments. During my master studies of corporate social responsibility I engaged with sneep founding and leading the first local chapter in Italy, we developed a series of links with strategic partners and organized some activities.